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Bingo Lingo Guide: All You Need To Know Before You Start 

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Bingo has always been an incredibly accessible game, ever since its primordial emergence in Italy as Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia this has been true, and it is something even more prevailing now as a result of the online gambling explosion. Nowadays you can play Bingo at Umbingo with people from all around the world, all from the comfort of your own living room – cannot beat that, can you?

The game’s rules remain incredibly simple, however one thing that has changed these days is the various bits of vocabulary that are prominently seen in online Bingo chat rooms. The lingo can certainly take a little bit of getting used too, and for this reason we thought it would be nice to compile a little Bingo lingo guide of everything you will need to know before you start. Let’s get into it!


As you will see, a lot of online Bingo lingo takes on the appearance of traditional text speak, with abbreviations and acronyms being used to shorten the amount of typing needed to convey your message. 1TG is one of the most common things you will see in a Bingo chat room and means “One To Go”. Players will use this when they have one number to go before they win, and it certainly ramps up the excitement when you see this in the chat!


Now, it doesn’t take a genius to work out what this one stands for, especially if you consider what 1TG meant… Bingo gamblers will use this term when they have two numbers left before a win, and this naturally means you will probably see it even more times than 1TG.


But we can tell you what you will see even more times than 2TG… 3TG! And guess what it means. That’s right, “Three To Go” something that online Bingo players will say when they have three numbers left until they win. As you can probably tell by now, Bingo gamblers just love letting their fellow players know how many numbers they have left.


This one is an acronym of “Way To Go!” and is usually used as an exclamation of happiness when somebody wins the round of Bingo. You are bound to see this quite a lot whilst you play, let’s just hope it is you saying it more often than not!


People familiar with modern text speak will know exactly what BRB is meant to stand for – Be Right Back. Bingo players will sometimes use this when they are leaving their computer for a few minutes. It isn’t exactly an imperative to do this yourself, but it can be a nice touch depending on how friendly your chat room is.


Sometimes people in the chat room will want to direct everybody’s attention to a certain piece of information, and most of the time they will use the acronym “FYI” to do so. This means “For Your Information”, and it is worth paying attention when you see this.


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