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How to Spot Casino Cheaters

Casino Cheaters

So you think you have the eye to spot out a cheater, one that’s possibly good at cheating in cards? Perhaps one of your poker buddies are stiffing you and you want to learn how to tell if he really is. There are a number of ways used to find casino cheaters and finding the can actually be really fun. After speaking to casino security detail, we learned how tosspot casino cheaters and now you can too! Not interested? You can click to play some promising slots today.

High Rollers

Find yourself a high roller to watch and hang around but not too much as a criminal yourself. Simply observe from a safe distance. Some card cheats usually pretend to come in as high rollers. High rollers will also need to make a loss here and there to ensure their big win looks legitimate. So if they make high bets and win on them but lose small amounts you know something may be brewing but you may not be able to prove it just yet.

Personal Touches

In gambling establishments, the dealers are never touched. There is no need to touch but card cheats my try to distract the dealer by leaning forward and touching their arm or their hand. In this instant almost anything could happen and take place and especially if the bettor is a pro cheat. Card players are usually good with card tricks and a trick is all you need for a distraction. At thismoment they could swap cards or pull any number of stunts that would earn them a win.

Card Counting

Card counting is an actual thing and these guys are clever about it. It’s a talent, counting cards, and although it is banned from casinos, you wouldn’t know if someone was counting cards. You would need to seehow they play over a period of time and security usually compares footage from other casinos, especially if the player is a high roller.

Big Tips

Cheats leave massive tips and the reason is a simple one. They don’t want to draw attention to themselves so any suspicious activity may be silenced with a monetary bribe of sorts. No dealer will report suspicious activity if they have just received a generous tip of a few thousand. Because the casino cheat has probably walked away with more than they dropped at the tables, they can happily part with a few thousand which keeps the dealer happy and quiet.

Befriending the Staff

As with the dealer, the card cheater may seem overly friendly to the staff. If you see the servers paying special attention to the player at the table and he doesn’t look like George Clooney or she isn’t Angelina Jolie, you could begin suspecting the player and start observing to see if any other tell-tale signs show.

Although you can never really tell who is really cheating without them giving up a tremendous amount of skill or perhaps they would admit it, you can use signal signs to kind of tell who would be a cheat if there ever was one!


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