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Um guia básico de bingo online

Online Bingo guide The basics
Online Bingo guide The basicsBingo guide

Bingo has been played readily by the global community for several hundred years, achieving widespread commercial popularity in the 20th century due to Edwin S. Lowe’s innovative alterations that spread like wildfire. Since then it has grown into one of the most important facets of the global gambling industry, especially considering its ability to reach a different demographic to traditional casino gambling games – click to visit Bingo Mummy.

Oh yes, bingo isn’t just the reserve of rich men, in fact it is played a lot more by the opposite sex, and is also a common fixture in care homes and schools. All of this makes it easy to see why online bingo has become so popular in the modern day – why wouldn’t you play it? Online bingo is fairly simple, however it is still good to get your head around the basics before you begin playing. Read ahead for some online bingo basics.

Bingo basics

The first thing to explore is the game of bingo itself, so let’s take a brief look at the history of the game and how it works. A rudimentary form of bingo is widely accepted to have been played in 16th century Italy, with a lottery called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia” having some very close similarities with the game we all know and love today. As history drew on the game got more and more refined, until Edwin S. Lowe made some crucial alterations in order to create the modern version of bingo.

It works like this: the most common type of bingo is 90 ball bingo, and this is played with – you guessed it – 90 balls with different values on them. Each player has a number of scorecards, and the aim of the game is to tick off various score patterns on your cards before anyone else does. Although, this all depends on what balls are drawn of course.

Online bingo basics

The overall concept doesn’t really change when you are playing online bingo, however there are several new things to be aware of. One major thing about online bingo is that it also comes complete with chat rooms in the majority of cases, something that adds to the communal aspect of the game, but also gives the opportunity to win some extra prizes. That’s right, you can regularly win separate prizes in the chat rooms, so it is definitely worth keeping an eye on these.

However, the main thing to remember when playing online bingo is that it is very important to choose a bingo site that works for you. Due to the stringent UK gambling regulations you can be confident that most of the sites available are going to be ones you can trust, however each one will offer different side games and special bonus offers, so it is worth doing your research.

Online bingo tips

As with normal bingo, the more scorecards you can get your hands on the better in online bingo. You should also consider when you are playing – busier times offer bigger jackpots, but less chance of emerging victorious.





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