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Things to avoid when playing online UK Slots 

Slot Machines
Slot Machines

Online slots are without a doubt the most widely played gambling game in the UK, and the same goes for the rest of the world too, with prominent UK slot developers such as Big Time Gaming and Barcrest leading the charge within the wider online slot market. Let’s be honest, you just cannot beat them for an online gambling game, as there is nothing else available that has nearly the same level of playability and variety as online slots – there’s no arguing against it!

But here’s the thing: because online slots are so attractive these days there are plenty of newcomers flooding the market, and these people may not realise some of the major things to avoid when playing at You can make some pretty costly errors if you’re new to online slots, believe us, so let us show you some of the main things to avoid when playing online UK slots here. Hold tight, and enjoy the ride!

Spending too much money

Ensuring you are sticking to a strict bankroll is one of the main things that every single gambler should be doing regardless of what game they are playing. We don’t mean just playing straight out of your bank account either, because doing this means there is absolutely no level to the money you could be potentially spending on UK slots.

Seriously, think about how easy it is to spend too much whilst on a losing streak, especially if you’re using a progressive betting strategy like the Martingale system! Setting a budget is easy, and if anything else it will also mean that you are impelled to make more tactical bets, ultimately meaning more money back.

The wrong slot variance for your style of gambling

As a beginner slot variance probably isn’t something you would really care about, however it can really have a vast affect on the outcome of your online slot gambling session if you pay enough attention to it. Slots are broadly split in two categories: low variance and high variance. You can get medium variance too, but the purposes of this explanation we’ll just stick to either extreme.

Low volatility slots are made to pay out lots of small wins instead of a simple huge jackpot, which means that they are far better to be played using small bets, as a low rolling UK slot gambler would do. High volatility slots, on the other hand, are better to be played with large risky bets, as the potential pay off can be huge. We’re taking massive UK slot jackpot prizes here!

Not doing some simple things that will massively improve your bankroll

As a savvy slot gambler you need to be trying to make an online slot win wherever you can, and this doesn’t just mean in the games themselves. These days online casino sites offer some major online slot deposit bonuses, so it really is silly not to take advantage.

You can get 50 free spins at the very least on most online casino sites, with cash back bonuses also an option.

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