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Can you Cheat Online Slot Machines?

Online Slot Machines
Online Slot Machines

“Slot Machines: Can you cheat online?”

Winning at is not easy. No matter how much experience you have and how often you play, there is nothing that can guarantee you a payout. Losing all the time can be frustrating so some people start to wonder if there is a way to cheat online slots.

You have to remember that cheating goes against the rules of gambling and if you’re caught doing it you will be banned from the online casino and you can face severe punishments like fines. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting topic and below you can find out if it even is possible to cheat online slot machines.

How do online slots work?

Nowadays online slots are extremely popular. Many people have played them but not everyone knows how they actually work. Here you can find an explanation.

  • Online slot machines use computer software.
  • Every slot game operates using a Random Number Generator that constantly generates numbers. It creates sequences of numbers every millisecond even when no one is playing the game.
  • When you press spin, the RNG determines what combination of numbers will hit the reels. The numbers correspond to certain symbols.

How to cheat online slots?

Cheating at online slots seems almost impossible as they operate using a computer software, and online casinos have a lot of security measures in place to protect their players. Nevertheless, there are some ways people have tried.

  1. Cheat Code – slot machines are designed by engineers who might get tempted to modify the code to help them win. Those who are in charge of making the game can theoretically manipulate the code that the software of the game is based on so that they can win more easily. Nevertheless, there are gambling authorities that control whether game providers respect the law.
  2. Hacking – some players who have serious IT knowledge have tried getting access to online casinos’ systems to award themselves credits. Nevertheless, most hacking attempts are usually detected quickly and players who try it have to face legal consequences.
  3. Bonus abuse – this kind of cheating is the most popular amongst players. In fact, it is not considered illegal. The way bonus abuse works is that people create multiple accounts to claim casino’s signup offer awarded to new players more than once. To prevent cases of bonus abuse most casino offers come with wagering requirements that outline how much money you have to deposit or spend on games before you can withdraw any winnings.

Can you cheat online slot machines?

Except for ways that can get you into some serious trouble with the law, there is no way to cheat online slot machines. While that can be slightly disappointing to some players, at least you can be sure that when you play online slots your money is safe. What’s more, now you know that everyone has the same chances of winning. Even though not getting any payouts can be annoying, you should always play mainly for fun.


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