You can play these casino games with a real dealer online

You can play these casino games with a real dealer online
You can play these casino games with a real dealer online

“You can play these casino games with a real dealer online”

Online casino is probably the greatest invention for gamblers out there. Punters have thousands of casino games to choose from online. There is also a section where players can play and interact with a real human croupier. Like in physical casinos, they are also allowed to give a tip to the dealer before leaving.

This type of game is called live casinos. Many players prefer playing these games as they can witness the whole process of dealing cards or setting the dice and ball on the play. Because they see the whole process, players tend to put more trust in these games compared to games that are run by Random Number Generator.

But how live casino games really work?

To create live casino games, the provider should employ different experts from different fields. The provider needs cameramen, real croupiers, and an information technology manager that will control the techs needed in the game.

Live casino providers are using a technology called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and the Game Control Unit that is installed on all cards and tables. The technology understands and encodes every action of the croupier and the player in real-time as well as the result of their wager. So, when players win, the amount will instantly be added to their account. On the other hand, when they lose, the amount will automatically be deducted from their account.

Right now there are several types of casino games you can play online and their numbers continue to increase as the industry continues to thrive. Below are some of the most famous games that can be played with a real dealer online. It is worth noting also that while players can see the dealer camera, you don’t need to have a webcam to be able to play these games.

Live Baccarat 

Baccarat is one of the casino games recommended for newbies because of its simple mechanics. With a 1.5% house edge, the baccarat game is one of those casino games with the lowest house edge. With the right baccarat formula, players can boost further their chance of winning. Thai player calls the strategy as สูตรคาบาร่า, and it’s proven effective in boosting players odds.

To play live Baccarat, the players just need to guess correctly which hand has the card closer to 9. The player should choose on either dealer’s side, banker’s side, or tie. At the beginning of the round, the player will have time to decide and place their wager. If you guess correctly, you will win the round.

Live blackjack

The blackjack game is another live casino favorite. In fact, it is one of the most popular casino games in the live casino section. The game has straightforward rules and a payout system. The goal is to receive a hand that has a higher value than the dealer’s but without going over 21 points. When your hand exceeds 21, you will lose the game.

At the start of the round, you will need to place your wager. Here, you just need to select the casino chips located at the bottom of the table. When you click bet, the game will start and the dealer will hand you a card. If you want to receive more cards, you just need to click the “hit” button. If you think you have enough cards to win the round click the “stand” button. This means that you will not be receiving new cards anymore.

Live Roulette

The rules of live roulette are easy to follow. Players only need to pick a number or a group of numbers then place a bet on it. If you played roulette games in physical casinos before, things will be easier for you as the betting table is exactly the same in live casinos.

Players will have time in placing a bet on the table. When you are done placing your bet, the dealer will acknowledge it by placing physical chips on the table. After this, the other dealer will spin the wheel. You’ll win if the ball lands on the number where your bets are.

There are two types of roulette games in live casinos: the European and American roulette. If you are going to play for real money, you need to be careful in selecting the right game as the two games give different amounts of the house edge.

We suggest selecting the European version because its pocket is lesser than American roulette. European Roulette has only 37 pockets in the roulette wheel. American roulette, on the other hand, has 38 pockets. It has an additional 00 on its wheel.

Live Hold’em

You can play some poker variants with a real dealer including the popular Texas Hold’em. Unfortunately, most version of Live Hold’em only allows the player to play against the dealer. Here, you will win when you beat the dealer’s hand.

The game starts by placing an ante bet. The dealer then will deal and hand the player’s card. If there are other players on the table they will also receive their hand. When all players receive their cards, the dealer will deal three face-up cards as the community card.

When it’s your turn, a call or fold button will appear on your screen. When you click to call you will continue to play the game, you will also need to place a bet equal to the ante bet. If you choose to fold, this means that you will not continue to play the game. Here, you will lose your ante bet.

When you continue playing the game, the dealer will deal with two more face-up cards in addition to the community cards. During this round, the dealer will reveal his or her initial two cards. Players who beat the dealer’s five-card hand will win the round.

Live dealer slot

Not all online casinos have these casino games, as many players are satisfied playing the online slots that are run by RNG.

At the Live dealer slot, you are allowed to choose the slot machine to play. You only to do is to set the amount of your bet. When you finalize your bet, click the spin button on your screen. The dealer then will spin the reels for you. Typically, the game happens in physical casinos.

Game shows 

Perhaps the most innovative casino game you can play in the live casino section are the game shows. Game shows are facilitated with a real host. Here you will be able to play the games you watch on your television. These include Deal or No Deal, Dream Catcher, Mega Ball, and Crazy time. There are also games based on the popular board game Monopoly.






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